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SacL5 Meeting 5/11/24

Meeting Notes

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SacL5 Officers: Joe Bland President, Jan Rosten VP, Ed Kulis Secretary (click name to email)

  • Greetings – Attendees! 
    • Joeseph, Paul, Michael, Kris, Ed, Joe
  • Updates and General Chapter Business
    • President’s and Treasurer’s Report(Joe Bland)
    • Update on SacL5 Website Report(Ed Kulis)
    • NSS Chapters Assembly Notes
    • NOTE: NSS Chapters Committee(CC) vs NSS Chapters Assembly(CA)
      • The NSS Chapters Committee is the formal NSS governing body for NSS Chapters. The CC establishes rules regarding recognition of a group as a NSS Chapter and how NSS receives and acts on input from NSS Chapters. A loose analogy is that NSS Chapters are “franchised” by NSS and must conform to standards and practices set by the CA.
        • The NSS Chapters Assembly is a association of interested representatives from different NSS Chapters. The CA proposes changes and suggests novelty and improvements to the CC and the NSS. They also vet any CA rule changes that might impede Chapters recruitment, visibility, activities and access to key NSS contacts.
      •  NSS Headquarters at the Cape offers tours of Kennedy Space Center 
    • CA Chapters Resource Subcommittee(Ed Kulis)
  • High School STEM Contest
  • General Discussion
    • The late Robert Compton, our SacL5 founder. published a Physics text book like no other.
      • Design Notes Log G,O.D (General Operations Director)
        • This is a text book like no other. It follows the mental processes of the lonely Creator, defining matter to enhance the experience of existence and then creating time to distinguish matter as it moves. The logic continues in this way to build the intuition and demonstrate the mathematics required in the first few years of college physics courses.
        • Some of you may remember that thrill. as you learned the calculus of derivatives providing the symbols that could move the static structures of algebra through the pictures in your mind. Compton’s book continues this thrilling awe that mathematics creates as its symbols correspond mostly to the universe with enough accuracy to create houses and steeples and medicine and instruments to travel beyond the clouds and deep into atoms.
  • SacL5 Writers Group
Meeting Details for each Months Meeting
Meeting Call: Sacramento L5 Society, Local Chapter, National Space Society
Where: Virtual presence only, via Zoom
When: Second Saturday, each month
Pre-Zoom notes:
•These meetings are recorded.
•Folks will be asked to briefly share their video, and phone callers asked to identify themselves.
•We use the “waiting room” format. If I keep you waiting, call me and bawl me out! 916-429-6252
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Meeting ID: 868 9868 4719
Joe Bland
President, SL5S
7482 Greenhaven Drive
Sacramento, CA 95831
Chapter Library

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