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SacL5 Meeting 10/8/22


Meeting Call: Sacramento L5 Society, Local Chapter, National Space Society
Where: Virtual presence only, via Zoom
When: Saturday, October 8, 2022, 5:00-7:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time
(Note: Pacific Daylight Time started March 13th)
Pre-Zoom notes:
• These meetings are recorded.
• Folks will be asked to briefly share their video, and phone callers asked to identify themselves.
• We use the “waiting room” format. If I keep you waiting, call me and bawl me out! 916-429-6252

Join Zoom meeting:
Find your local number:
Meeting ID: 868 9868 4719
Passcode: 502003

5:00-5:10  Begin regular meeting: Margin for everyone to arrive/greeting of new members.
5:10-6:00  Updates/general chapter business:
• President’s & Treasurer’s report. (Joe Bland)
• Update on SacL5 website (Joe Bland)
• Update on NSS Chapters’ Assembly (CA) and CA chapter resources subcommittee. (Jan Roston, Kris Cerone)
• Update on JP Aerospace. (Paul Turner, Jan Roston)
 Update on Eric’s steam engine (Eric James)
 Update on “Watts On The Moon, Phase 2, stage 2” NASA application (Joe Bland)
• Update on SacL5/JP Aerospace “prize”(Ed Kulis, Paul Turner, Eric James, Kris Cerone)
6:00-6:45  Discussions
• Discussion on SacL5 physical meeting startup date
• Other
6:45  Begin SacL5 Writers Group meeting (Paul Turner)
7:30  Adjourn SacL5 Writers Group meeting.

See everyone this Saturday (tomorrow) at 5:00 PM!

Joe Bland
President, SL5S
7482 Greenhaven Drive
Sacramento, CA 95831


Meeting Notes

  • SacL5 Outreach – Balloon Flight Proposal
    • 2x2x2″ Mini cubes available and we can fund about 14 of them.
    • Action: Find teachers who would like to participate having their students develop an experiment 
  • SacL5 Web Site Traffic
  • JP Aerospace 
    • Working on air beams to lighten the structure of their ascender balloons
    • Next flight in tentatively in May 2023
  • Paul Turner’s New Book
  • National Space Society Activities
    • NSS working on formalizing NSS Outposts which can be a few people associated with the NSS without the formal administration of an NSS Chapter
Chapter Notes:

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