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J P Aerospace

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Nasa Moon Program COVID Delays

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Airships today!

Airships lost out to conventional aircraft after a series of disastrous crashes. But now safer technology could be the key to their return. Zeppelins fill

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The Sacramento L5 Society
2nd Saturday of each month
5 to 7 pm
J P Aerospace
2530 Mercantile Drive
Rancho Cordova CA 95724


Why We Exist

Help enthusiasts find ways to contribute.

Provide sources of enabling training to facilitate engineering prototyping.

Establish a clearinghouse for the ongoing objective analysis of proposed space development technologies.


What We Do

Inspire collaboration among enthusiasts and groups who support and engineer practical, implementable, cost-effective paths to space settlement.

Coordinate engineering details to create sustainable space settlements.


Our Success

Consistent interaction among an ever growing number of enthusiasts.

Publish records of engineering successes and project achievements.