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NSS Local Chapters Community Blog

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SacL5 Meeting 4/13/24

Meeting Notes Home Page: SacL5 Officers: Joe Bland President, Jan Rosten VP, Ed Kulis Secretary (click name to email) Greetings – Attendees!  Joe, Jan, Gregory, Michael, Eric, Ed, Kris Updates and General Chapter Business President’s and Treasurer’s Report(Joe Bland) About $10,000 in the account and there’s also the $4500 funds paid to JP Aerospace for the Student Stem

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NSS Resources for Chapters Page – Spring 2024

View/Download the NSS Chapter Resource List in PDF Format   Download the NSS Chapter Resoure List in Word Format   Greetings from Ed and Perri  Here is the Latest Chapters Resources List.  We hope it helps you and your chapter to:  Facilitate communications between NSS Chapters, to better use their tools

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SacL5 Meeting 3/9/24

Meeting Notes Home Page: SacL5 Officers: Joe Bland President, Jan Rosten VP, Ed Kulis Secretary (click name to email) Attendees: Michael, Gregory, Jayme, Joe, Joseph, Jan, Paul, Eric, Ed Greetings – New Attendees! Gregory Liscomb (from Visalia, CA is also a member of the Tulare Astronomical Association  Greg’s been a fan of pace and

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