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for the Love of Maggie O’Die

A new novel by one of the SacL5 Members

A mystery wrapped around a love story. Woman of a certain age and head of All Bio, Maggie O’Die sees a strange likeness to her long missing husband in young private investigator Ryger Deacon. When a secret group places a bounty on their heads, Ryger flees and discovers unexpected answers to his past, as he searches for the missing Maggie O’Die, and the granddaughter heir to her vast fortune.


Curbo hooks his readers by dishing out the clues with a deft and talented hand, offering enough breadcrumbs to keep his audience reading until the crack of dawn.
— M.L Hamilton, Author of the Peyton Brooks Mysteries

*Cle Curbo keeps the reader guessing in this mystery set in the not too distant future in the Bay Area where scientific breakthroughs make the impossible possible. His unique voice nods to noir and seamlessly blends the genres of mystery and love story,
— Susan Wiener, MFA in Creative Writing 

Plot twists face readers from start to astoundng finale. It’s like a locked room mystery, exploded out into the open road.
— June Gillam, Author, Hillary Broome Crime Fiction

Author Cle Curbo’s unusual premise along with the brilliant use of crisp dialogue, provides a taut and building tension in an edgy yet beautiful display of fiction at its best.
— Sheryl J. Bize-Boutte, Author, Betrayal on the Bayou


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