Ad Astra
To the Stars
The Sky is Not the Limit


Why SacL5 Exists

Help enthusiasts find ways to contribute.

Provide sources of enabling training to facilitate engineering prototyping.

Establish a clearinghouse for the ongoing objective analysis of proposed space development technologies.



What SacL5 Does

Inspire collaboration among enthusiasts and groups who support and engineer practical, implementable, cost-effective paths to space settlement.

Coordinate engineering details to create sustainable space settlements.



Our Success

Consistent interaction among an ever growing number of enthusiasts.

Publish records of engineering successes and project achievements.


Members of the Sacramento L5 society have had direct involvement 

in the production of  events and the creation of the publications in the posts below.


SacL5 Meeting 4/9/22

Meeting Call: Sacramento L5 Society, Local Chapter, National Space SocietyWhere: Virtual presence only, via ZoomWhen: Saturday, April 9th, 2022, 5:00-7:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time(Note: Pacific Daylight Time started

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The Mach Effect

2297 views as of 3/12/22 Watch this video describing propellant less propulsion.

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SacL5 Meeting 11/13/21

Notes Breakfast on the Moon Apollo 17 49th Anniversary planned for 12/11/21 Christine Noemi will coordinate Chapter Report to NSS Due soon Ed working with

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