Ad Astra
To the Stars
The Sky is Not the Limit


Why SacL5 Exists

Help enthusiasts find ways to contribute.

Provide sources of enabling training to facilitate engineering prototyping.

Establish a clearinghouse for the ongoing objective analysis of proposed space development technologies.



What SacL5 Does

Inspire collaboration among enthusiasts and groups who support and engineer practical, implementable, cost-effective paths to space settlement.

Coordinate engineering details to create sustainable space settlements.



Our Success

Consistent interaction among an ever growing number of enthusiasts.

Publish records of engineering successes and project achievements.


Members of the Sacramento L5 society have had direct involvement 

in the production of  events and the creation of the publications in the posts below.


SacL5 Meeting 1/13/23

Meeting Notes Home Page: Greetings Jayme is a new attendee! She found SacL5 as the closest chapter to her location. She’s a member of

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SacL5 Meeting 12/09/23

Meeting Notes Home Page: Greetings Updates and General Chapter Business President’s and Treasurer’s Report(Joe Bland) Time again for yearly dues $35 from each member

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SacL5 Meeting 11/11/23

Meeting Notes Home Page: SacL5 Zoom meeting minutes for 11112023 – Joseph Bland Participants: Joe Bland (P, T) Eric James Jan Roston Michael Abramson

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SacL5 Meeting 10/14/23

Meeting Notes Home Page: Greetings See our Contact page for more information about members Richard Parks, first attendance formerly of the Arizona Chapter. Richard’s

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SacL5 Meeting 9/9/23

Meeting Notes Greetings See our Contact page for more information about members Richard Parks, formerly of the Arizona Chapter, will attend upcoming SacL5 meetings Joe

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