NSS Chapters Resources List: October Through December 2022

Greetings from Ed, Perri and Kris

NSS Chapters Resources List: October Through December 2022

Upcoming NSSCA Meetings:

Saturday, October 15th 7am PDT.  Monday, November 14th 5pm PDT. Monday, December 12th 5pm PDT

Time Zone Converter:  https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter-classic.html

Educational Resources:

NASA Earth Observatory: https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/

NASA Climate Change Vital Signs of the Planet: https://climate.nasa.gov//

NOAA Climate Change Impacts:  https://www.noaa.gov/education/resource-collections/climate/climate-change-impacts

NOAA Sea to Sky Educational Resources Database:  https://www.noaa.gov/education/resources?f%5B0%5D=filter_4_entity%3A1307

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Educational Resources and Programs: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/edu/

NASA STEM Engagement: https://www.nasa.gov/stem

Artimis 1: https://www.nasa.gov/artemis-1

James Webb Space Telescope: https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/webb/main/index.html

Artemis – Fly your name around the moon: https://www.nasa.gov/send-your-name-with-artemis/

NASA Solar System Exploration – Basics of Space Flight:  https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/basic

Near Earth Object Survey Mission (NEOSM)(NSS Page): https://space.nss.org/planetary-defense/

NSS SpacEdge Education and Academy Resources: https://space.nss.org/education/

Printable Media:

Full Color, Tri-fold Brochure:

Contact Burt Dicht or Ronnie Lajoie to order the full color tri-fold brochure: Burt Dicht:  [email protected]   Ronnie Lajoie: [email protected]

Banners, ISDC postcards and NSS/Blue Origin Postcards to Space: Banners: NSS pull up-banner 81” X 30” – Full color with NSS Logo, URL and the astronaut helmet image.  ISDC postcards currently are first version ISDC 2023 (sans speakers) second version will come out later this year. 

Contact Mike Kobrin to order Banners and Postcards: [email protected]

Business Take Away Cards Templates: See attachments: available in color and grey scale

Membership Form (PDF):  http://space.nss.org/wp-content/uploads/NSS-New-Member-form.pdf

Renewal Form (PDF):   https://space.nss.org/wp-content/uploads/NSS-Membership-Renewal-form.pdf 

Digital Media:

NSS YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/NationalSpaceSociety

AdAstra Magazine: https://adastramagazine.com/

Chapter Outreach and Financial Resources:

The NSS Illinois North Shore chapter has a fund to support some small, one-time, chapter projects or events that can’t draw funding from the NSS Treasury and are not too expensive but cost more than the chapter can afford or raise from the project or event.  Contact Jeffrey Liss, chapter VP, at [email protected]  with a written, detailed, proposal including an explanation of reasons and other available resources.  Also copy Larry Ahearn at [email protected]


NSS Corporate Specific Webpages:

National Space Society Main Website: https://space.nss.org

NSS Statement of Philosophy: https://space.nss.org/nss-statement-of-philosophy/

Members Only link to Inside NSS: https://inside.nss.org/

Social Media Request Form: https://inside.nss.org/page/Request-Social-Media-Post

NSS Chapter Annual Reports:  https://space.nss.org/chapter-annual-reports/

NSS By-Laws:  https://space.nss.org/wp-content/uploads/NSS-Bylaws.pdf

NSS Chapter Rules:  https://space.nss.org/wp-content/uploads/NSS-Chapter-Rules.pdf

NSS Corporate Policies:  https://space.nss.org/wp-content/uploads/NSS-Corporate-Policies.pdf

NSS Logo Usage Guidelines: https://space.nss.org/images/NSS-Logo-Usage-Guidelines-22-02-19.pdf


Additional Resources:  

NSS Career Center and Job Board: https://careercenter.nss.org/

NSS Merchandise Store: https://space.nss.org/shop/

Donate to NSS: https://inside.nss.org/page/donate


NSS Goals

  • Defending Earth: Protecting humanity from dangerous space objects
  • Clean Energy from Space: Enabling everyone to benefit from space solar power.
  • Developing Space: Making the vast resources of space available to all.
  • Communities in Space: Supporting the establishment of space settlements, making us an interplanetary species.


Chapter Assembly BusnCard Blank 1449 grey.docx
Download an 8 card printable.
Single card sample below.


Chapter Assembly BusnCard Blank 1449 color.docx
Download an 8 card printable.
Single card sample below.