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SacL5 Meetings and Directions

The Sacramento L5 Society meets Each Month on the Second Saturday. Come Join Us!

  • To join monthly Zoom meetings email: Joe Bland
  • To join the Sacramento L5 Society email: Joe Bland
  • To contribute the the Website Blog email: Ed Kulis

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  1. Matt L Ward

    Hello L5 NSS Chapter,

    Thank you for your email. I am a former member of the Phoenix, Arizona NSS Chapter. I emigrated from Phoenix, AZ on 5/01/2021 to the Greater Bay Area in Northern California. I see the closest NSS Chapter meetings are held once monthly on a Saturday. What Saturday of theonth I do not know! I will reach out via email to Joe Bland re membership shortly to ask if it is alright for me to join with you all and L5 NSS Chapter in Cordova, California just East of our State’s capital there near Sacramento, CA.

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