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Ed Kulis Visits the Kennedy Space Center

Fantastic trip! Here’s some of the surprises:

  • The VAB Vehicle Assembly Building – you can’t tell how large it is. I’ve heard the NASA wanted Life Magazine photographers to photograph it’s scale and they couldn’t do it. It looks like the same size cube almost no matter how close you get.  And you need to remind yourself that the American Flag on it’s side is six stories tall.
  • The Space Craft – Almost everything is smaller than you imagine. The Mercury-Redstone looks like you could put it in the back of your RV and take it home trailing that little red flag on the part sticking out of the hatch. Even the Space Shuttle reminds you of a double length semi-trailer. Almost everything is smaller except the Saturn 5 …
  • The Saturn 5 – It’s bigger then you can imagine looking like you could pack 5 semis into one of it’s engine bells.

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