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3D Video Tool Demo

Apple 3D Video Tool Demo
by Ed Kulis – [email protected]

The sky is the limit? Well, why stop there? The space program inspired wave after wave of technological revolutions especially in computing and communications.   We’ve ridden this wave from our astronauts landing on the moon, through the first micro computers to the modern affordable personal workstations.  A modern iPhone puts more computing power in your hand than existed on all of the Earth in 1969.  The early personal disk drives stored 128 Thousand bytes on a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk. The floppy drive cost $500 then, about $1600 in today’s dollars and these days, 2 Trillion byte hard drives cost $79 a piece. That’s 15 Million times the storage at 5% of the price.  Just as remarkable is the price of software, dropping from hundreds for the first simple word processors to amazing free or low cost tools like the Apple Motion 3D Video Editing App demonstrated below.

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