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Support JP Aerospace – Kids Space Program

We’d like to help JP for his work with the Kids PongSat space program and for his providing our meeting place for our L-5 Society for many years. For a video about what PongSats are see link: What is a PongSat?

In order to make money on YouTube, a channel needs one thousand subscribers and four thousand subscriber minutes of viewing within a 12 month period.

To help JP achieve 1000 subscribers (he currently has 951), follow these simple steps:

1. Sign in to Google (your gmail sign-in works).You can do this on YouTube, which Google owns.

2. Go to and click “Videos” (it’s on the top of page menu). That takes you to John Powell’s JP Aerospace YouTube Channel.

3. Click on any video, and hit the subscribe button at the bottom, right under the video.

4. Watch the video, or you can just let it run while you do something else. You must hit the subscribe button before your viewing minutes count toward the 4000 required hours.

Note: Google requires you to sign in first, then hit the subscribe button.

You can also go to JP’s channel directly at link > John Powell

Another way to find JP’s videos is to go to YouTube, sign in, and use the YouTube search bar to search for “John Powell JP Aerospace.” This will avoid going to the many John Powell channels that are not JP Aerospace.

Why do this? Because JP is building balloons that fly to the heavens and he hopes to provide us with a very inexpensive way to leave the planet and he provides space on his balloon flights for Kids PongSat space experiments built inside of PingPong balls.


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