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SacL5 Meeting 9/9/23

Meeting Notes

  • Greetings
    • See our Contact page for more information about members
    • Richard Parks, formerly of the Arizona Chapter, will attend upcoming SacL5 meetings
    • Joe “Flash” attended meeting for the first time – Extensive background in Satellite engineering and now a docent in the Air and Space Museum.
    • Michael – Working on mobil aviation at NASA Ames. Member of SacL5 for13 years.
    • Paul – helping JP with Airship to Orbit since 2004.
    • Joe – Sacl5 president. Member of SacL5 for over 20 years.
    • Kris – Interested in outreach to children
    •  Ed – SacL5 Webmaster. Member since 2010 when he went looking for tech people interested in space settlement.
    • Jan – Tech hobbist helping JP build his balloons and equipment
  • Updates and General Chapter Business
    • International Space Week upcoming in early October.
    • Treasurer’s Report
      • Approximately, $8000 in chapter account. 
      • Looking into getting a more flexible bank account with CD interest rates for a portion of the balance
    • Website Report
  • JP Aerospace Blog
    • Space reserved for a balloon flight of the Student prize. No schedule yet 
    • Submarine ready for static immersion test.
    • Working on the MHD Magneto Hydrodynamic propulsion drive.
    • Building the eclipse ascender
  • SacL5 High School Student Flight Prize
    • Joe visited California School of Engineering and Sciences in Sacramento, CA to see if there was interest in the SacL5 Balloon Flight Prize. School starting Joe will follow up
    • Ed contacted, the Headmasters Office, the Alumni Office and left information to give to the science teachers when they are available, at Xavier HS, New York, New York to see if there’s interest in competing for the SacL5 Prize
    • Will offer $500 donation to the HS to help with the build
    • Max flight configurations will be 3 joined mini cubes max mass of 750 grams
  • Chapters Assembly Notes – See Meeting Notes PDF
    • Prathmesh Barapatre is new president of the Chapter Assembly.
    • Ed and Perri will soon work on the Fall newsletter
    • Previous newsletters
  • General Discussion
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When: Second Saturday, each month
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•These meetings are recorded.
•Folks will be asked to briefly share their video, and phone callers asked to identify themselves.
•We use the “waiting room” format. If I keep you waiting, call me and bawl me out! 916-429-6252
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Joe Bland
President, SL5S
7482 Greenhaven Drive
Sacramento, CA 95831
Chapter Library

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