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Apollo 14 Breakfast On the Moon Video

This is the fourth “Breakfast On The Moon” Apollo mission virtual celebration sponsored by the National Space Society Chapters’ Assembly and the Sacramento L5 Society chapter. In this Breakfast, we were honored to have Gerald D. Griffin, the renowned NASA official, Apollo program flight director, and Johnson Space Center director, as our distinguished guest. Mr. Griffin was flight director for Apollos 14, 16, and 17, and also played a key role in the safe return of Apollo 13. The panel was moderated by Dr. Anthony Paustian, ex-Air Force fighter pilot, author, National Space Society Director of Communications and Branding, and our 2021 International Space Development Conference Chair. Finally, rounding out the panel was noted Space Historian Rod Pyle. Mr. Pyle worked with NASA at Jet Propulsion Lab and Johnson Space Center, has written many books covering the history and technology of space exploration and science, and is also editor of our Ad Astra magazine. Joseph Bland, President of the Sacramento L5 Society, was the Zoom webinar host.

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