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SacL5 Meeting 7/9/22

  • 5:00-5:10  Begin regular meeting: Margin for everyone to arrive/greeting of new members.
  • 5:10-6:00  Updates/general chapter business:
    • President’s & Treasurer’s report. (Joe Bland, Ed Kulis)
    • Update on SacL5 website (Ed Kulis)
    • Update on NSS Chapters’ Assembly (CA), Chapter’s Committee, and Ed’s CA subcommittee. (Jan Roston, Joe Bland, Ed Kulis)
    • Update on JP Aerospace. (Paul Turner, Jan Roston)
    • Update on Apollo 16 Breakfast On The Moon celebration (Joe Bland)
    • Update on Eric’s steam engine (Eric James)
    • Update on Tom Tolan (Joe Bland)
    • Update on “Watts On The Moon, Phase 2” NASA application (Joe Bland)
    • Update on Joe’s provisional patent applications (Joe Bland)
    • Update on SacL5/JP Aerospace “prize”(Ed Kulis, Paul Turner)
  • 6:00-6:45  Discussions
    • Discussion on SacL5 physical meeting startup date
    • Other
  • 6:45  Begin SacL5 Writers Group meeting (Paul Turner)
  • 7:30  Adjourn SacL5 Writers Group meeting.

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