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SacL5 Meeting 8/12/23

Meeting Notes

  • Greetings
    • See our Contact page for more information about members
    • Joe Leblanc contacted Joe Bland about joining the SacL5 Chapter. Joe L wasn’t able to attend the 8/12/23 meeting.
  • Updates and General Chapter Business
    • Joe B will re-certify SacL5 as a non profit organization as is required each year.
    • Treasurer’s Report
      • Approximately, $8000 in chapter account. 
      • Looking into getting a more flexible bank account with CD interest rates for a portion of the balance
    • Website Report
  • JP Aerospace Blog
    • Time purchases for a balloon flight of the Student prize. No schedule yet 
  • SacL5 High School Student Flight Prize
    • Joe visited California School of Engineering and Sciences in Sacramento, CA to see if there was interest in the SacL5 Balloon Flight Prize
    • Ed will contact the science faculty at Xavier HS, New York, New York to see if there’s interest in competing for the SacL5 Prize
    • Will offer $500 donation to the HS to help with the build
    • Max flight configurations will be 3 joined mini cubes max mass of 750 grams
  • Chapters Assembly Notes
    • A new Chapter Assembly President will soon take office
    • Ed and Perri will soon work on the Fall newsletter
    • Previous newsletters
  • General Discussion
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Joe Bland
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