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SacL5 January Meeting

Clockwise from right, Jan, Ed, Joe and Tom on screen met for 2 hours Saturday 1/11/20 at 5pm at JP Aerospace, Rancho Cordova, CA. Here’s the highlights:

  • Great News. Tom’s now working at Sierra Nevada Corp on the Dreamchaser lifting body for travel to the International Space Station.
  •  We’re working on a syllabus that we can present at high schools to show students how they might join the space settlement effort. We’re hoping to find some teachers who can help us schedule presentations.
  • As part of our ongoing breakfast meetings we will celebrate the Apollo 13 Mission on April 11, 2020. As we did in the past we will have a world wide teleconference. 
  • California Aerospace and Aviation days are upcoming at the end of February
  • We noted that “L5” in the L5 society name doesn’t just stand for 1 Lagrange point but for all of them. They are key places in cislunar space for locations of space settlements like O’Neill settlements.
Please let us know about your interests in Space Settlement by emailing Joe Bland 

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