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NSS Resources for Chapters Page – Autumn 2023

Greetings from Ed and Perri 

Here is the Latest Chapters Resources List.  We hope it helps you and your chapter to: 

Facilitate communications between NSS Chapters, to better use their tools and techniques and to grow membership and increase public contribution to a space-faring society. 

NSS Chapters Resources Pages: October Through December 2023

Upcoming NSSCA Meetings

Saturday, October 7th 7am Pacific standard time.

Monday, November 13th 5pm Pacific time

Monday, December 11th 5mp Pacific time

Daylight saving time ends November 4th   

Time Zone Converter:


Educational Resources 

Google Sky:  About:  Main:

The Sky Live:

NASA Earth Observatory:

NASA Climate Change Vital Signs of the Planet:

NOAA Climate Change Impacts:

NOAA Sea to Sky Educational Resources Database:

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Educational Resources and Programs:

NASA STEM Engagement:

Artemis 1:

Artemis II:

James Webb Space Telescope:

Wikipedia Outer Space Portal:

NASA Solar System Exploration – Basics of Space Flight:

Near Earth Object Survey Mission (NEOSM)(NSS Page):

NSS SpacEdge Education and Academy Resources:


Printable and Useable Media 

Full Color Tri-fold Brochures:  Contact Burt Dicht:  [email protected] or Ronnie Lajoie: [email protected]  

Banners, ISDC Postcards and NSS/Blue Origin Postcards in Space: These can be ordered by contacting Mike Kobrin:  [email protected]

Full Color Recruitment Cards: Contact Burt Dicht to order:  [email protected]

Business Take Away Cards Templates: See attachments: available in color and grey scale 

NASA Image Library:

Membership Form (PDF):

Renewal Form (PDF):


Digital Media 

NSS YouTube Channel:

AdAstra Magazine:


Chapter Outreach and Financial Support There are small financial grants available to help your chapter participate in an upcoming event in your area.  Send your financial request to Jeffrey Liss.  Be sure to identify your chapter, explain the event, its cost and when the deadline for submission is. Contact Jeffrey Liss:  [email protected]


Free Advertising and Publicity

The Downlink: The Downlink is published twice per month and is sent to all NSS members with email addresses.  You can submit a short description of what your chapter has upcoming or has accomplished.  Be sure to submit your write-up well in advance of your events, so you can get the publicity. Submit your write up to Fred Becker:  [email protected]

The NSS Blog: The NSS Blog is a great place to let people know about a chapter milestone or an event your chapter is hosting.  The guidelines for submission can be found here:


NSS Corporate Specific Webpages, Headquarters and Contacts 

National Space Society Main Website:

NSS Statement of Philosophy:

NSS Mission and History:

Members Only link to Inside NSS:

Social Media Request Form:

NSS By-Laws:

NSS Chapter Rules:

NSS Corporate Policies:

NSS Logo Usage Guidelines:

NSS Chapter Annual Reports:

Printable versions can be found here:


NSS Headquarters at Kennedy Space Center:   Burt Dicht: [email protected]

Additional Contact Points:

HQ By Phone for NSS related queries, including membership related questions: (321) 452-2448

Hours: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday-Friday, Eastern (2:30 pm – 9:30 pm GMT)


Mailing address: For general mail, packages, and for check payments: 

National Space Society 

Mail Code NSS 

State Road 405, Building M6-306

Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899


Additional Resources  

NSS Career Center and Job Board:

NSS Merchandise Store:

Donate to NSS:

Digital Edition of this Resources Page:


NSS Goals

  • Defending Earth: Protecting humanity from dangerous space objects
  • Clean Energy from Space: Enabling everyone to benefit from space solar power.
  • Developing Space: Making the vast resources of space available to all.
  • Communities in Space: Supporting the establishment of space settlements, making us an interplanetary species.


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