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Goodnight Moonbase Kickstarter

Goodnight Moon Base

Let’s bring bedtime *to* the moon every night. Our future on the moon becomes real through compelling scenes and rhymes.

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There are many efforts across the planet now to bring humans back to the moon. Let’s include children in these visions! And use their enthusiasm to boost these efforts!



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  1. Joseph Bland

    I love the concept, and the concept behind the concept. The motto of the Sacramento L5 Society is Ad Astra Cum Omnibus, or roughly “The stars for everyone!”.

    I do have a concern about the drawings. Showing children sleeping in front of an open window on the Moon or under a very thin roof tells me the author doesn’t understand the dangers of space radiation. There is no magnetic shield around the Moon, or even an atmosphere. Cosmic radiation and radiation from solar flares is a massive danger to living creatures without any shielding to speak of. For that matter, a thin shield is actually worse than no shield, since it creates an opportunity for secondary radiation.

    Al Globus is an expert on this issue. If the authors REALLY wanted to do a service to the children, then make them aware of just how tough it’s going to be to settle anywhere outside of Low Earth Orbit.

    Just my two cents….

    1. Ed Kulis

      Well, no problem. To give the feeling of the expanse of space the “windows” are no doubt hi res VR video screens, projecting what you would see through the glass.
      The VR displays are actually backed by meters of shielding. Obvious isn’t it?

    2. John Mitchell

      Glad you said thin shield could be worse than no shield. One of my mentors famously said “Regarding very high energy particles, you don’t so much shield against them as make them angry”.

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