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Breakfast’s on the Moon – Mission Plan

We celebrate our Breakfast’s on the Moon on or around the 50th Anniversaries of the original Apollo Missions. So look for announcements about the upcoming Breakfast’s and plan to join us.

The next Breakfast on the Moon is scheduled in January 2021

The table below is from the Wikipedia page: Apollo Program 

Apollo 14Jan 31 – Feb 9, 1971AS-509CSM-110 Kitty HawkLM-8 
Alan Shepard 
Stuart Roosa 
Edgar Mitchell
Third landing, in Fra Mauro formation, located northeast of the Ocean of Storms. Surface EVA time: 9:21 hr. Samples returned: 94.35 pounds (42.80 kg).
Apollo 15Jul 26 – Aug 7, 1971AS-510CSM-112 EndeavourLM-10 
David Scott 
Alfred Worden 
James Irwin
First Extended LM and rover, landed in Hadley-Apennine, located near the Sea of Showers/Rains. Surface EVA time: 18:33 hr. Samples returned: 169.10 pounds (76.70 kg).
Apollo 16Apr 16–27, 1972AS-511CSM-113 CasperLM-11 
John Young 
T. Kenneth Mattingly
Charles Duke
Landed in Plain of Descartes. Surface EVA time: 20:14 hr. Samples returned: 207.89 pounds (94.30 kg).
Apollo 17Dec 7–19, 1972AS-512CSM-114 AmericaLM-12 
Eugene Cernan 
Ronald Evans 
Harrison Schmitt
Only Saturn V night launch. Landed in Taurus–Littrow. First geologist on the Moon. Apollo’s last crewed Moon landing. Surface EVA time: 22:02 hr. Samples returned: 243.40 pounds (110.40 kg).

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